Amazing Uroos New Mehndi Designs 2012


Uroos Mehndi designs 2012 are Indian style mehndi designs. New mehndi designs of the collection are very delicate and voguish and are looking extremely eye catching.

Black mehndi is mostly used in Uroos Mehndi designs 2012 and by the look of it hands are not fully filled with patterns which have really boosted their look of these mehndi designs. Uroos is Karachi based brand and as well all know that black mehndi is very popular in Karachi, so this is one of the main reasons why Uroos uses black mehndi in most of its designs. Latest Mehndi Designs have circular patterns. Lesser floral patterns are used in this collection. This is the unique characteristic of the collection. New mehndi designs are ornamented with glittery stones and shiny diamontees. Usually white or gold colored decorative materials are used in the mehndi designs. But very funky look is given to Uroos Mehndi designs 2012 by using bright and multi colored stones. Blue, green, ferozy and red stones are used in the designs. And gold, silver and blue colored glitter is also used in these Latest Mehndi Designs to add voguish look to them. These colors have been selected according to the dress of the model. The color scheme is customized according to the need of the customer and her dress.

Uroos Mehndi provides innovation in each design of its label. They are serving the ladies with their valuable work since 1980. They have confined their work limit to Karachi. In the long period of their career, they have focused on the quality rather than the quantity of the work. Uroos also provides event planning and event services. But majorly they are famous for their mehndi application and nail art. . Uroos Mehndi designs 2012 are suitable for all type of functions as the designs are not heavy. The latest mehndi designs can be adorned at wedding, parties, eids, dinnes, etc.