Alimony Woes of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Revealed After Her Death


Alimony Woes of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Revealed After Her DeathIn the terrible turn of events after the death of Whitney Houston, there has been yet another revelation in the much-publicized relationships she had with her family. It has been revealed that according to the prenup agreement that had been signed by her and Bobby Brown, her ex-husband, there is a clause that barred Bobby from support from the spouse.

It was in the year 1992 when the couple had got married and they separate after being together for 14 years. They even have a daughter. In the agreement, they had agreed not to seek from any sort of financial support from one another, if the marriage was to fail.

There were reports that Bobby Brown was seeking financial support from Houston which, according to the pre-nup, wasn’t valid. There were nasty fights about the custody of the daughter Bobbi Kristina as well.

“Brown agrees that Houston shall have no legal obligation to support him, and that he shall have no right to require the payment of any alimony, support , or other maintenance, and no right to receive any rights, interests, or claims to Houston’s property”, quoted a newspaper, from the marriage agreement.

There were further legal battles the couple got into, and there was yet another agreement signed by Houston in the year 2007. This was a declaration about the divorce proceedings. It was specified in it that Bobby was trying to seek funds from her, even while he is totally capable of working on his own and earning money for himself.

It was only on the 11th of February 2012 when Whitney was found dead in her bathtub. This incident had rocked the entertainment industry and many had lost an idol.