Akshay Kumar Profile


Birth name: Rajiv Hari-Om Bhatia

DOB: 9 September 1967

Status: Married to Twinkle Khanna

Debut movie: Saugandh (1991)

No. of Marriages: One (Twinkle)

Most Remembered For: the Khiladi films

Litigations Involved: In July 2007, a leading Mumbai tabloid newspaper printed a story saying that Kumar and his wife had fallen out and Kumar had moved out of his home, staying at a hotel instead. On 26 July 2007 the couple sent a legal notice to the tabloid, declaring that the rumour was false. Kumar said: “The article is a clear representation of careless and irresponsible journalism. The freedom of press comes with responsibilities, which seems to have been put aside to give way to shock value journalism.”

Jail Terms Served: None
Famous Pairing: Katrina Kaif

Star endorses: XBOX 360, Thumps Up

Biography: Known as Mr Khiladi for his roles in a series of films with the name Khilari, and also for his tendency to date his co-stars, Akshay Kumar is currently enjoying a level of success that is truly a threat to even King Khan. Akshay began his career as a waiter in a Bangkok restaurant. His expertise in the martial arts and his well-sculpted physical appearance helped him get a break in Bollywood. He enjoyed a fair degree of success in the early years and has always been considered an average performer.  No longer so, when he has switched from his earlier action roles to comedy films.  In 2007 Akshay delivered four successive blockbusters and was one of the highest earning actors in the year. He was the only real challenger to Shah Rukh’s domination at the box office. And going by the present trend, it should not be surprising if he gets ahead of them all…


Actors: Amitabh Bachchan

Films: Deedar, Rocky

Food: Thai, Chinese.
Restaurant: Golden Dragon

Holliday Spot: Mauritius

Perfume: Cool waters

Hobbies: Surfing, Volleyball, Cricket, Martial Arts, Sailing