Akshay Ameesha and co now have the money


Look who’s taken hold of the purse strings in B-town!

Actors taking on the responsibility of managing the budget is becoming a trend in Bollywood. Multi-tasking has become the operative word in this big cluttered world of films. But are the ones who are foolhardily taking up these new roles able to do justice to them?  Consider Akshay Kumar, for instance, who has co-produced a couple of his own ventures and, perhaps coincidentally, they turned out to be major duds. Tees Maar Khan, Patiala House and the upcoming film titled Breakaway (which hardly sounds like it will make the cash registers ring loud and long!)do we need to say more? Ameesha Patel is another one who has planned to take the same route and has conceitedly cast herself in the movies that she’s producing. David Dhawan and Priyadarshan have been decided on as her directors, as of now. Do these actors even think about the creative aspects of the business, or is it for them just a way of redeeming themselves as actors? If only they would concentrate on the technicalities of the jobs they undertake and bother less about being in the limelight!  We presume that would put them into a much better place in the game. Veteran star Rakesh Roshan did well as a director, better than as an actor – he found his true calling and thereafter did a good job with every movie he churned out. When will these failed actors find their true calling, and admit that they are better at something they perhaps do not have that overwhelming passion for? We don’t know, we just wait and watch till they become successful… SOMEDAY!