Ajay-Rohits car-nama


The actor-director duo revealed the reason behind the car destruction scenes in their films

If there is Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty, there will be dozens of cars being destroyed…that is something everyone knows by now and proved in almost every film the two have done together. From Zameen in 2003 to his latest, Singham, Shetty specialises in the action-excitement-mayhem genre, with a few laughs, a couple of dozen fight scenes and about as many cars as there are in Mumbai being bashed up in the process. Talking on a TV show recently, Ajay and Rohit laughed uproariously about their vehicular-destruction record, saying that if they see a car, the instinct kicks in demanding that they destroy it, as soon as possible. Maybe it stems from “The time that we were stuck in traffic”, Ajay wondered, while Rohit agreed with the anchor that this need of his which he channels in his films comes from some deep-seated childhood trauma. “A kind of insanity” was how the duo described it. Wethinks that it takes a kinky-genius mind to come up with the stunts that the director uses in his work, with cars acquiring almost a personality of their own in every movie, even as they are being smashed into a zillion pieces in the process of the great big good-versus-bad fight. Wherever it may come from, it certainly works to rack up the points at the BO!