Ajay Devgan or Shahrukh Khan Who’ll win this Diwali

Ajay Devgan or Shahrukh Khan Who’ll win this DiwaliDiwali is one of the favourite times of Bollywood. It doesn’t only pose a great time to have Teen patti parties at home but also a great opportunity to make some quick bucks. Every year people jostle to get a berth at the box office during this time so that they can earn a lot. Normally, it is booked for Shahrukh Khan but this year we have Ajay Devgan ready to take on him with his ‘Son Of Sardaar’ while Khan will hit the theatres with Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Obviously, the time is huge and so everyone is busy speculating what would be the outcome of such a massive clash.
Ajay Devgan vs Shahrukh Khan
Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a Yash Chopra movie which has Shahrukh Khan in the lead. Now, you can’t imagine what can be the possibilities of a combo, such as this. Whenever these two stalwarts have come together they have created a romantic extravaganza on the silver screen. This time Shahrukh will be romancing flavour of season – Katrina Kaif, all the more reason to be everyone’s preferred movie. On the other hand, we have Ajay Devgan starrer Son Of Sardar which seems funny, quirky and a full on family entertainer. Such movies find great takers at the Box Office.
Now the question is, how profitable it will be for the box-office to have the clash of titans. According to trade experts, every movie earns nearly 40-50% in its opening week. This Diwali it is a five day haul which means a lot of money can be minted, provided both the movies get equal opening share at ticket windows. Kundan Thadani of AA Films told a daily that preferably no two biggies should release at the same time. Business is deeply affected. In such situations, everything depends on how many shows have been allotted to a movie. Thadani also cited an example saying that in 2006, Salman Khan’s Jaan-E-Maan and Shahrukh’s Don released on the same day. One got affected by the other.
COO of Dharma Productions added here that there is a possibility of money getting lost. Also, Single screens are very critical to make a great opening. Hence, they will have to pick one among the two big films for their shows and that could be detrimental. Well, it seems pretty neck-to-neck for Shahrukh and Ajay Devgan this Diwali. Keep reading FilmiTadka to know who gets to burst the firecrackers and who will be nursing wounds.