Will Aishwarya Rai Bachchan resume her acting career this year?


Will Aishwarya Rai Bachchan resume her acting career this yearOur Tarot reader finds out what the cards have to say

Represented by the Nine of Cups, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is very content and comfortable with where she is in life right now. She is enjoying this phase and doesn’t wish to disturb it much. Despite this, she is surrounded by numerous important opportunities, which can make it quite tempting for her to leave her current comfort zone. The cards advise, that if she does decide to work this year, which is looking unlikely, then it may not work out well for her. The Tower card signifies the importance of not leaving her current life, otherwise she may end up being over-burdened with commitments which she may regret later. Along with this, her stress levels will increase unnecessarily, without much to show for it.

In her current phase, Aishwarya is well supported by her family – and as the Knight of Pentacles suggests, she is feeling secure. The love and confidence from them is what is allowing her the freedom and confidence to grow. She isn’t bothered by her weight gain or by any other perceptions that may be building about her, instead she is a stronger individual and family member in her initial phases of motherhood.

On the positive side, it would be far better for her if she takes on projects that will begin in 2013. The cards put a heavy strain on not taking on acting work this year. If Aishwarya does wait for 2013, then she will be more respected and will receive higher levels of success. The Star, along with the Ace of Swords supports this thought. This success won’t be without focussed hard work, yet the rewards in comparison will be unimaginable.

In the coming years, it may be increasingly more important for Aishwarya to earn through acting and more endorsements. The reason would not just be her creative satisfaction, but more to bring in and maintain financial stability. This is being reinforced by the Five of Pentacles combined with the Five of Swords. This also indicates that it would be Aishwarya’s decision to take on this responsibility.

Overall, it would be great to see Aishwarya Rai Bachchan back on screen, but in 2013. Until then, the best thing to do would be to ward off all those approaching her and enjoy her family time.