Does Aishwarya Rai Bachchan want second baby right away?


Does Aishwarya Rai Bachchan want second baby right awayWhile one report claims that B-town’s latest mommy can’t wait to have a second child, another story that’s doing the rounds is that she is itching to get back to work

Rumour has it that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who loves her new role of Mommy – which involves changing nappies, bathing and burping her little one – is considering going the preggie way again. Yes, you read it right. Buzz is that Ash has told hubby dearest Abhishek Bachchan that she wants to have another child soon. Logically speaking, it makes a lot of sense, since the internationally known B-towner is still on break from work and is not getting any younger. She can add up all the baby kilos again and knock them off forever, once and for all, after they are done with their baby-making plans.

But looking at the way Ash has been conducting herself professionally, it seems as if she is slowly and steadily heading back to the studios. Maybe for now she’s content signing more endorsements and keeping up with public appearances, but work is definitely on her mind. If you remember, a week ago she along with baby Aaradhya flew to the United Arab Emirates for the Dubai World Cup, to present a trophy to the most elegant lady there. This was a pre-scheduled event that she could not avoid, we were told.

Now we hear that Ash will go to the Cannes International Film Festival for her customary red carpet appearance for the cosmetic brand she endorses. The spanner in the works of the Junior Bachchans’ baby-making plan could be the gorgeous lady’s health condition though. Given the fact that Ash reportedly went through a hard time getting pregnant the first time, we wonder if she is in good enough condition for a second baby so soon.

Let’s wait to find out if the Bachchan couple is really thinking of another child right now, or whether this piece of news is mere speculation sparked off by a candid chat from star to journalist somewhere along the line.