Advantages of Short Term Insurance for Senior Citizens


nsurance is a protection against the future and a defensive tool to combat the unforeseen. It saves a person from potential risks and at the same time plan effectively for the future. It actually makes good our losses and it is wise and prudent to go in for insurance early in life. If you plan early you get the benefits of paying lesser premium however with increase in age the amount of premium increases and you have to pay higher amounts. This is good news for young adults however there are many elderly people who do not get insurance for fear of paying out large sums of premium. The short term insurance for senior citizens come to their rescue and enables them to get the benefits of a full insurance without hassles!

People over the age of 65 years can also get the benefits of insurance thanks to the advent of short term insurance for senior citizens under Medicare. The short term insurance for people over 65 years offers the best rates and offers for this section of society so that they can avail the advantages of a lesser premium and get the benefits of a full insurance policy at the same time. The short term insurance for senior citizens have coverage for the hospital related expenses, rehabilitation expenses, life threatening illnesses and all major health related problems.

The short term insurance for senior citizens framed under Medicare have been targeted to provide welfare and health coverage for a limited period that does not exceed one year. There are many insurance policies that have been provided to these people under Medicare and they get coverage for certain health illnesses, hospital care, nursing and hospital care, doctors’ care, certain home care, medical equipment, occupational and physical therapy. The various plans that are available to these senior citizens give the policy holder many options and alternatives. The policy holder has the option to pay through taxes, or through a premium and a deductible. The policy holder under the Medicare plans also get the benefits of prescription drug coverage as well as opt for any kind of additional choices and benefits for the plan.

The main health considerations that are generally taken into consideration for people over 65 years under these Medicare plans are certain cholesterol levels, family history, blood pressure, height, weight etc. The difference between the short and the long term health insurance lies in the coverage between the two. The short term insurance for people who are over 65 years get insurance against accidents as well.

With the help of the above short term insurance plans a person over 65 years can opt for prescription drug plans and policies also. These plans are very beneficial for a person to plan on long term health care needs. In order to get the best plans the person should consult an experienced insurance advisor who will help him or her out with the insurance procedure. The terms and the conditions of the insurance policy should be clearly spelled out and there should be no room for ambiguity. In addition to this, the person should ensure that all the doubts are clarified before going in for one