Advantages of Having Wedding Insurance


Indeed, it is not so often that we talk about wedding insurance. That’s because to be frank with you, this type of plan is just for those who have extra budget in their wedding expenses. Nevertheless, let me tell you what this type of policy covers just in case you’re interested. Wedding insurance can be quite expensive but it does really have good advantages.

* Unexpected weather – In case you need to postpone the wedding due to unexpected bad weather, wedding insurance covers the cost of rescheduling the celebration.

* Sudden illness or injury – In case one of the couple falls ill or gets injured due to certain unavoidable circumstances, this insurance policy also covers the cost for the postponement.

* Loss of wedding rings – This policy also covers the cost of lost wedding rings.

* Formal attire – This insurance policy also helps you with the repair or replacement of the bride’s gown should any damage takes place.

* Transportation cost – If you are unable to reach the venue on time due to sudden breakdown of transportation, the insurance policy takes care of the reimbursement of transportation cost.

* If your wedding photographs get ruined due the bad and defective filming of the photographer, the policy covers some portion of the cost too.

* If your wedding gifts are damaged, you get a replacement.

* If the bride or the groom has to leave unexpectedly, the nonrefundable expenses are also covered.

* The venue is also insured incase someone causes any serious damage.

* Additional expense – If the expected vendor does not turn up on the day of the event and you get a last minute replacement, the policy will cover that extra cost.

Technically, wedding insurance protects your special day incase something goes wrong. So if you are planning to get hitched, it is important that you and your life partner acquire a wedding insurance so that the ceremony and reception can go smoothly without much to worry about.