Adnan Sami and Sabah Galadari get divorced again


Adnan Sami and Sabah Galadari get divorced againThe fight between the singer and his wife that was in progress for three long years turned bitter and complicated. But now the High Court has finally granted an official divorce to the estranged couple

Adnan Sami married his ex-wife, a citizen of the UAE, in 2001 and they were divorced in 2004. Three years later in 2007 they remarried and a couple of years after that, when the marriage soured yet again, Sabah filed for divorce in the Family Court and also registered a court order under the Domestic Violence Act against Adnan.

But the Family Court declared that the certificate produced by Galadari regarding the dissolution of the marriage was invalid and hence under Islamic law the couple was still married. It was only after Adnan challenged this decision in the High Court that things moved forward. Justice Roshan Dalvi has just granted a divorce to the couple, observing that both parties are not opposing the dissolution of the marriage.

Talking about it the Pakistani singer says, “My wife Roya, my mother and I suffered a lot. I just want to get along with my life now.” And to celebrate this major decision Adnan will throw a big bash in Dubai for his friends from India and Pakistan.

We just hope this is the end of the story and Sami doesn’t get into marital trouble yet again!