Achieve whatever matters you the most in life


We all have our dreams. Some would say we all know what we want from life, starting from your childhood when your parents told you that you’ll know soon enough what you want to do. Or your teachers told you before the end of high school that once you’ve graduated, you’ll know what you want to do in life. Well, the truth is that for some people it’s the truth. For many people, however, they can be 30 or why not 50 and still without a clue what they actually want to do or what they are looking for. That’s a challenge to figure it all out. But it’s a good challenge. And challenges are good.

Cigna, a global health service provider has just launched multimedia website, an online gathering place for people who are dealing with issues like career, self-confidence, peer pressure, parenting issues or body-image. They offer us all insights and tips from individuals overcoming adversity as well as insight from physicians, clinicians and behaviorists. They have also just launched an essay contest “Pay It Backward” which invites people to describe how other people in their lives have inspired them to become the best they can be. The winner will be walking away with a trip of a lifetime.

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