Accurate Input in Autocad


Now it’s time to see if you were paying attention in the first lesson. In this lesson you will complete the drawing that will test your knowledge of drawing accurately using different types of precision input. Clients expect 100% accurate drawings from YOU. It is up to the YOU to ensure that YOU have the ability to draw quickly and accurately. There is a lot of room for error when drafting, as you need to read accurately, transfer the numbers to AutoCAD accurately, and draw accurately. It is the job of this tutorial to help you learn to draw accurately – speed will come only through practice.

You can download the DWG file HERE and view the image HERE
Print the file out and try to reproduce it. Start at the bottom left corner. Use the drawing tools you have learned in the previous lessons. You will have to use a combination of absolute, relative, and polar co-ordinate input.
  1. Open AutoCAD and set up the drawing as you have for the previous assignments.
  2. Complete the assignment by drawing it accurately using the dimensions provided.
  3. If you make an error along the way, remember that you can use your ENDPOINT Osnap to begin where you left off.
  4. Save your drawing.
  5. Print your drawing using the guidelines given in the previous assignments.