Aamir Khan’s thriller Dhuaan is now Talaash


Aamir Khan’s thriller ‘Dhuaan’ is now ‘Talaash’

The Reema Kagti cop drama finally gets an official name

The suspense about the suspense thriller had spread beyond the story to its title in the last few months. Unconfirmed reports had claimed that it’s going to be called Dhuaan.With no official denial, everyone accepted it. That reportedly angered Aamir Khan enough for the star to actually text his crew members insisting in no uncertain terms that no one will call the film Dhuaan. While we wondered what Aamir has against the title, we heard something else. The movie actually has an official title. And – hold your breath – it’s Talaash! Yes, the Aamir Khan cop drama has finally been baptised. Honestly, we are disappointed. Dhuaan evokes images of mystery, smoky dens and ace villains while Talaash just reminds us of a horrible 2003 film starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. Suddenly our interest level has dipped. What about you? Which title do you prefer?