Aamir Khan postpones Talaash for his TV show Satyamev Jayate


Aamir Khan postpones Talaash for his TV show Satyamev JayateThe release date of the much anticipated thriller has now been postponed to November

Aamir Khan’s fans were waiting with bated breath to catch the actor’s psychological thriller this June. But with the release date of Reema Kagti’s directorial Talaash being postponed they have to wait a little longer than expected. The actor said to a trade publication that Talaash is very close to his heart. He had been trying to release it in January, then it got pushed to June. He admitted that the date will now be either November 30 or December 7 and he apologised, saying, “I am sorry for this; I know my fans are waiting for Talaash.”

The perfectionist that he is, Khan believes in doing one project at a time and hence has decided to devote his time and energy solely to his upcoming television show Satyamev Jayate for now. “Right now my life revolves around the show. My team and I are trying to do something different. I have been working on this show for the last two years. This is my life’s most ambitious project,” he added. Aamir has been keeping mum on the nature of his TV show as wants to keep it a secret till it is aired on TV. He promises that it’s a show like no other and therefore it is difficult for him to explain the format. The actor who turned 47 today said to the publication, “I am very excited about my television debut. I usually spend my birthday with my family, but today I will be leaving for the shoot of my television show.”

With all the hullabaloo about Satyamev Jayate, Aamir barely has the time to be involved in matters concerning Talaash. Disclosing further details behind the delay, he said, “The reason behind the delay is the show I was doing. The set caught fire and it was entirely destroyed. So, the show got delayed a bit. And now I am focusing only on the show, which is impacting the release date of Talaash.” Reportedly, the 3 Idiots’ actor will continue to shoot his TV show for another two months post which he plans to take a two-month break before working on Talaash again. “Both are very close to me. I can’t give justice to both at the same time. So, I discussed with Reema and we decided to push the release date of the film.” Clearly, Aamir wants to be totally focused on whatever he undertakes without overlapping his projects. But the results he delivers in the end are nothing short of record-breaking, don’t you think?