2011 new baby dress party


This lovely pattern is from an incredible book I got for Christmas Sewing Clothes Kids Love . I mean, yowzas.  I like a good sewing project-book just as much as the next sewing-obsessed-mom, but this book goes beyond “oh that’s cute” to completely inspiring. First of all, it’s changed the way I look at making clothes for my kids. They talk about how clothing for kids can and should be magical–something that they love and feel completely special in.  And to sew for them, meaning choosing colors and patterns and styles that they love, even if that means putting them in something that’s not trendy or that heaven-forbid you don’t like.  They talk about focusing on the special little details, and just enjoying the process of creative sewing for those you love. And the book comes with amazing basic patterns like t-shirts, leggings, pants, dresses, etc., but each are amazingly versatile and they leave the design process largely up to the sewist. It  has projects for both boy and girl (although a wee bit more for girl), and the only thing that would make this book better is a good shorts pattern.  It’s really a great book, and I recommend it enthusiastically.