2011 Necklace Fashion


They are best for strapless and falling neck cuts.
For bold and hep, princess necklace will do wonders to embellish your grace. You can attire it with varied pendant kinds like pearls, emerald, Swarovski crystals and of course our favorite diamonds. It can go with all neck styles. Matinee necklace, usually 20 to 24 inches is ideal for wardrobe with high necklines. It has an element of sophistication attached. For eveningwear, we have the stylish Opera necklaces. People who wish to establish their unique fashion trend, we have the versatile Rope necklaces for them. Other variety encompasses Charkas and Birthstone necklaces basically meant for bringing peace and prosperity. These diversified necklaces can be worn with beautiful pendants and lockets. Hindus usually attire chains with lockets of God. In the past also, we often heard of various types of “Haar” like Naulakha Haar and Chandra haar.