10 Minutes Chocolate Fudge Cake


10 Minutes Chocolate Fudge Cake

10 Minutes Chocolate Fudge Cake If you’re looking for a quick, single-serving dessert you can make in the microwave, mug cakes are a great option. But did you know you can also make full-sized cakes in the microwave in a matter of minutes? Whether you want a sweet treat at the end of a long day, or need to make a dessert for a large group of people last-minute, microwave baking is an easy and delicious choice. Next time you’re craving something chocolatey, try this 10 minute fudge cake recipe from The One Pot Chef. The final result is not only tasty, but visually appealing, too. Watch the video below and get baking.

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When it comes to chocolate cake, I do not mess around. If I’m going to indulge in that many calories, it better taste amazing! I have tried numerous recipes for chocolate cake and my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe, Chocolate Bliss, takes a few hours to make from start to finish. It is well-worth the effort, but sometimes I want instant gratification that isn’t so labor intensive. So in my search for a homemade, from scratch, 10 minute chocolate cake recipe I have finally nailed it! I tweaked some existing recipes until it passed my picky palette review.

This cake is moist, rich, delicious, and can be whipped up at the very last minute. Speaking of minutes, in all honesty this cake might take more like 20 minutes if you are searching your pantry for the necessary ingredients, stopping to break up an argument between the kids, doing a little dance around the kitchen while you mix, you know…as one does. But I fully trust that if you were in a race and had to get this cake on the table in 10 minutes, it could be done.